EAT: Chocolate. Cinnamon. Bananas. Delicious!

I hate when people ask me “do you have any hobbies?”  Who has time for hobbies?  I always answer the same way “baking, I guess.”  That’s a hobby, right? I love baking.  Baking is something that I’ve enjoyed doing since I was a little girl.  My mom would give me a box of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix and all the ingredients (oil, water and eggs) and let me go to town.  A huge mess and 24 decorated cupcakes later, I was a happy kid.  It’s one of the most therapeutic things I do (besides Crossfit) and I’m actually pretty good at it.

I bought my copy of The Paleo Kitchen last week and I’ve been dying to try one of the recipes.  I had a little time last week and wanted to unwind so I decided to make the Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread.  Paleo treats are usually pretty eggy because they don’t have all that flour to suck up that moisture.  These were amazing.  Not too eggy and the chocolate cinnamon swirl was a delicious sweet touch.

If you’re looking for an easy to follow Paleo cookbook with great recipes, this book is a good one to add to your collection.


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