PLAY: Bucket List

Have you ever done a Google search for “bucket list”?  Before writing this post I decided to check what some people have on their bucket lists. I was inspired and intrigued by some of the results I found (i.e. swimming with alligators? Really? Why?) and then realized that my bucket list has always been pretty boring conservative.  One thing I did find is that almost every bucket list I read has one common goal…”run a marathon.”  Running a full marathon is definitely not on my bucket list but running a half is.  And not just ANY ol’ half…

I’ll be 35 in December and I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been and with hard work and dedication I’ll only get better.  So, with the help and support of my amazing boyfriend, I signed up for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon in February 2015!

If you know me then you know that I am NOT a runner.  Running is one of those things that I’ve always truly disliked but always wanted to perfect.  I’d love to be able to say that I’m a runner, but I’m just not. Yet.

July 15 was the first day of registration for the Princess race.  Registration opened at noon for all participants. At 11:50 am I was logged in waiting to register and the runDisney website was already giving me error issues. Well, after 1 hour of reloading and reentering all my information, I was finally registered. Registration was anything but magical!

But registering is the easy part…now comes the training. Jeff Galloway has a couple of training programs for beginners on so I’ll be trying that one. According to the program, the “official” training start date is September 30 but I’ll be training for the training in the meantime 

So tell me, what’s on YOUR bucket list?



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