Confession: I read too many food blogs.

Picture this:  Annoying alarm clock goes off.  I wake up.  Grab my phone and go through my bookmarks of all the bloggers I follow.  I do this every morning.  Yes, every single morning (even weekends.)  I do this just to see if they posted anything new in the 6-8 hours I was asleep.  Then I go through Instagram pics to see if the same bloggers (and some friends) posted anything too.  I’m obsessed.  Addicted even.  It’s a bad habit…or is it?

It’s not and here’s why:  Bloggers are inspiring!  Bloggers are people just like you trying to make a difference in their own lives and those around them.  Reading another person’s thoughts can be motivating.  I get 90% of my meal inspirations from bloggers I follow (and Pinterest!)  Sure, some of them ramble (like myself right now) and write about random unrelated things, but most of the time they stick to the plot.  People will write about almost anything you can think of.  You have an obsession with vinyl figures of some sort?  I’m sure there’s a blog out there for you.  You want to learn more about breeding hamsters?  I’m pretty certain someone is blogging about that as we speak right now.

So I challenge YOU, fellow blog reader, to find some blogs that will inspire you.  Go.  Then report back 🙂